Brezza Diesel Owner Speaks Power, Mileage & Quality

The Brezza diesel is no more under production. However, if you plan to buy a used Brezza car, this article may be interesting to you.

This post discusses the Maruti Brezza diesel owner’s thoughts about its power, mileage, and quality.

Brezza Diesel
Brezza Diesel

It’s about Maruti Brezza Diesel ZDI Plus AMT

In the video, Rachit Hirani of Motor Octane interviews Dev Aditya. Dev owns Maruti Brezza ZDI Plus AMT 2018 model. He has done 52000 km in his Brezza already.

For those unaware, Maruti Brezza is the top-selling SUV in India, even though there is tough competition. The Brezza holds the top position in the used car market as well.

Why Dev Aditya prefers Maruti Brezza

Dev Aditya’s preference was for diesel AMT, which the Ford Eco-Sport did not offer at that time. He felt Tata Nexon AMT was not as smooth and found out that the Maruti Vitara Brezza diesel AMT was the perfect fit.

Maruti Ownership Experience

Moreover, Dev owned Maruti Wagon R CNG 2012 model, and he had driven it for 150000 km. His previous experience with a Maruti vehicle gave him the confidence to own another car from the Maruti Suzuki stable. After all, Maruti is well known for its low cost and excellent service network pan India.

Maruti Brezza Pros & Cons

I choose to discuss this user review video by Motor Octane because it is unbiased. Even though the user is happy with his Maruti Brezza, he discusses both pros and cons.

Let’s start with what the user likes the most about the Brezza car.

The Brezza Diesel is Powerful

Dev says, “when the turbo kicks in, the car just flies even in AMT.”

Maruti Brezza
Maruti Brezza

Anyone progressing from Wagon R CNG to the Brezza diesel will be thrilled by the sheer power that the 1.3 Litre DDiS engine produces. This power is adequate for an SUV like Maruti Brezza to balance performance and the fuel average.

Brezza Diesel Fuel Economy

The Brezza diesel gives out excellent fuel economy. In the video, Dev confirms Brezza diesel average of 20 km on the highway and 15 km in the city limits.

He says, “even if you push the car to 120 km, Brezza will give an average of 20 km per liter. That’s interesting to know. However, I wouldn’t mind if there was a 2-3 km drop at such a speed.

Low Maintenance Cost

Dev would disapprove of unnecessary jobs at the Maruti service center, including the car wash. He would incur the service cost anywhere between Rs. 4000 to Rs. 6000. Very interesting, right?

The service advisors have a daily target to achieve, and they may offer services that are not really necessary. You can just approve what is really required.

Jobs like a car wash, wheel alignment, balancing, etc., usually cost more at the service center. You can get these jobs done outside for a lesser price, not affecting the warranty.

Dev says, “despite driving the Brezza for 52000 km, the brake pads and tires are still in good condition.” Well, this depends on how one drives the car.

What’s not good about Brezza?

The Maruti Brezza has its cons as well. The touchscreen is laggy and has fewer features compared to the competition. The plastics inside are not high quality, and you can hear the rattling noise.

I hope these issues will be addressed in the upcoming facelift models.

An interesting question to the Brezza owner

Rachit Hirani asks an interesting question to Dev.

“If you go back in time, with all your experience with Brezza, will you opt for Brezza or any other car?”

Dev says, “I would still go for Maruti Brezza.”

And, he sticks to his statement, “The Ford Eco-Sport had no diesel AMT, and the Nexon Diesel AMT was not as smooth as Brezza. I was happy with Maruti’s service and the maintenance cost, so I chose the Brezza diesel.

At one point, he says, “If I had waited for a couple of months, I might have opted for XUV 300.” Well, this SUV seems to be tough competition for Brezza.

Brezza diesel is out of production

For those who are not aware, Maruti Suzuki stopped manufacturing diesel cars in 2020. The Brezza diesel is out of production now, but there is a massive demand for it in the second-hand car market.


The Maruti Brezza review by the owner himself gives confidence to those planning to own this car. Watch the YouTube video here that may help you make an informed decision, whether you buy a brand new SUV or a used Brezza diesel car.

If you could stretch your budget, you can consider buying the Kia Seltos, a bigger and more powerful SUV.

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Let your story help other car buyers make an informed decision.

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  1. I am very happy with my vitara brezza 2018 model. During winters(ac off), I get at least 24 mileage and at least 28-29 mileage on highway. And I drive at speeds 80-95 on highway. In summers, I get minimum 16.7km/l due to ac on all the time even while idling and on highways easily get 26.5+ even in summers.


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