Buying a used XUV 500 can be a brilliant idea

Since the launch of XUV 700, Mahindra stopped the production and sales of XUV 500. However, this vehicle is buzzing in the used car showrooms. Buying a used XUV 500 can be a brilliant idea if you are looking for a family car that can accommodate 5+2 passengers.

Used XUV 500 W5 2015 model
Used XUV 500 W5 2015 model

Buying a used XUV 500

This XUV 500 W6 variant 2015 model was for sale at Vahan used car showroom in Mysuru. The dealers sold this SUV within 24 hours, and the buyer was lucky to grab this vehicle for just Rs. 7.35 Lakh. This SUV had done 83000 km.

I said the buyer was lucky because his second-hand SUV can last another lakh or more kilometers with him and find another owner after some years.

Yes, this is possible if the vehicle is well maintained with regular services.

Used Mahindra SUV
Used XUV 500

The XUV 5oo is powered by the proven 2.2-liter diesel engine that produces 140 bhp and 330 Nm torque. This engine is not meant to last just a lakh kilometers. Isn’t it?

I know of an XUV 5oo that has done an easy 300,000 km and still running. However, I would prefer a used SUV that has done anywhere between 90K to 80k kilometers.


The Mahindra XUV 500 has a powerful diesel engine that promises excellent pickup and stability at high speeds, no matter how many kilometers it has completed. If you are driving alone or with a full pack, it will be a pleasant drive.

Comfort Levels

The XUV 5oo is a mid-size SUV, and people love it for its space and comfort levels. This vehicle offers excellent headroom and legroom in the front and middle cabin. The middle row is spacious enough to occupy three adults, and the third row is best for children when you travel a long distance.

XUV 5OO Middle row
XUV 500 Middle Row

Service Cost

Mahindra has a good service network across India, and it is not tricky to find one near you. The average service cost is around Rs. 13000 with a service interval of 20,000 km.

Fuel Efficiency

The fuel efficiency of XUV 500 is 12-14 km in the city limits and 15-16 km on the highway. On average, expect 15 km per liter of diesel.

Used XUV 500 buying challenges

Buying a used XUV 5oo, like any other used vehicle, is not an easy task. A well-maintained car that has been driven for 100,000 km should not worry you post-purchase.

However, you may witness minor issues due to wear and tear as time passes. The interiors will fade, and seats will get ugly, and you will notice rattling sounds. But this is common even if you go for a brand new vehicle.

Servicing the vehicle at regular intervals should sort most of the issues. You can replace the seat with the new covers in the colors of your choice.

Consult an expert

XUV 500 2015 Model
XUV 500 2015 Model

Accompany a car expert or a mechanic while taking the used XUV 500 for a test drive. Carefully check for engine, air conditioner, transmission, and tires issues. Go for it only if you and your mechanic are satisfied.

A word of caution: If you fail to notice any issues in the engine, cooling, and transmission department, you will incur heavy expenses later. Here’s the used car buying checklist published by Economic Times for your reference.

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