Buying Tata Harrier was my biggest mistake

Tata Harrier is one of the high-end SUVs from the Tata Motors stable. It is a hot favorite for many SUV enthusiasts, and you too may find reasons to own this beast.

There is no denying that you will get noticed when you drive the Tata Harrier. This SUV is big, powerful, stunning, and has an excellent road presence. People cannot avoid looking at it.

If you plan to buy the Tata Harrier, you should certainly read this post till the end. You may cancel the booking or become extra cautious while taking the delivery.

This post is based on the customer experience published on YouTube.

Tata Harrier Black Edition

What makes Tata Harrier a favorite SUV among car enthusiasts?

For those unaware, the Tata Harrier is a flagship SUV from Tata Motors built on a platform similar to the one used by Range Rover and Discovery Sport. This USP gives assurance for the top-notch performance and muscular build.

The Tata Harrier looks stunning and has all the latest features. You will love the decked-up interiors with premium fabrics and a massive dashboard. The 2.0 Liter diesel engine sourced from Fiat never lets the Harrier down when it comes to power. The SUV stays planted on the highspeed and takes on the corners without effort.

Having said that, the Tata Harrier ownership experience has not been great with all the customers. Some have faced issues right from day one without any resolution from Tata Motors or its dealers.

These issues can be one of the incidents but imagine just one customer sharing bitter experiences on social media that garner millions of views. This is no good for the company’s reputation and will seriously impact the sales.

Tata Motors should reach out to the customer and sort out the issues.

Tata Harrier was a total disappointment

I came across one such Tata Harrier ownership experience, and I was totally disappointed. I felt terrible for the buyer who spent almost Rs. 26 Lakh on his Tata Harrier and faced trouble.

Akhil Yadav was excited about his brand new Tata Harrier. He had purchased the top-end model and spent a good amount of money on the accessories.

The Engine malfunction light was on from day one

While taking delivery, Akhil noticed the engine malfunction light was on, but the salesperson convinced him, stating a temporary problem. The Tata Salesperson assured if the light doesn’t turn off in 2-3 days, he will help resolve it.

The next day, the Tata Harrier wouldn’t start.

The showroom guys visit Akhil’s home to check the Harrier and confirm that the battery is dead. They tow the Tata Harrier back to the showroom for battery replacement. As a process, they need the vehicle for battery replacement.

When the vehicle is at the showroom, they request to keep the car for 4-5 days for diagnosis.

Imagine you buy a car worth Rs. 22 lakh, and the next day you are forced to send it back to the showroom, and you will never get to drive it for another 4-5 days?

Nobody will like it. So Akhil insists that his Harrier be returned with the loaner battery.

The service personnel manages to replace the battery from a test-driven car and deliver the vehicle home.

Tata Harrier rear tire explodes

Tata Harrier Tire replaced

But the engine malfunction light appears again, and new problems crop up. The Tata Harrier brake pads cause smoke in a few days. In another incident, the rear tire explodes, and the passengers escape from being hit by a truck behind.

Bridgestone wouldn’t give replacement tire

Tata salesperson promises to replace the tire, but Bridgestone would disagree. Instead, they offer a discount on a new tire. This means the customer is forced to purchase a new tire that would cost about 10k after the discount.

In another incident, a Tata showroom in Gurgoan bans this customer from entering the premises saying that he was recording videos. They insisted on going to a showroom where he purchased his Tata Harrier. This isn’t an ethical way to deal with a customer. (if this story is true)

Will Tata Motors resolve the Tata Harrier problem?

This is not what a customer has to go through after purchasing the Tata Harrier top-end model. What do you think about this situation? Please comment.

What Mr. Akhil wants is a Tata Harrier without problems, and what I hope is none of the customers should go through these situations.

Will the Tata Harrier problem be solved?

This video was published on the Arun Panwar channel.

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