Ditched VW Taigun for Kia Carens

When you book the Kia Carens, you will have to wait for several months to take this beautiful 7-seater home. Such is the demand for this brand new car from Kia. And, there is this chip shortage issue that is playing havoc among the automobile manufacturers.

Kia Carens White

Although there is a several months waiting period for Kia Carens, some customers can get the deliveries in a day or two. The higher the variant of the car, the faster the delivery is. If you are planning for Kia Carens, read this article till the end.

Kia Carens is the hot favorite

Like Kia Seltos, the Kia Carens has become a hot favorite among car buyers. I never thought this 7-seater from Kia would be priced the way it is now. When the teasers were out, I assumed the Carens would be more expensive than Seltos as it was bigger and shared the same engine options.

Fortunately, the Kia Carens is priced in a way that gives more value to the money. It looks different, stunning, and has enough space for all the passengers for comfortable travel.

Kia vehicles are known for feature-rich cabins, and the Carens, too, have loads of them. The higher the variant, the more feature you get to see.

The base model comes with all four disk brakes, six airbags, and ABS to ensure safety. It has a boot space bigger than its rivals, but it might not be enough if you go on a long trip with your extended family.

Get the roof luggage carrier

The boot space is still not enough to carry all your luggage. What you can do is to fit the car roof luggage carrier. It comes in handy any time.

The Kia Carens has good driving dynamics. It takes on the curves even at a decent speed, and there is minimal body roll. While traveling “full house,” you may feel a bit of power loss, and that’s acceptable.

It is no big deal to drive the Carens if you are already used to a big car.

Booked Kia Carens without test-driving

In one of the YouTube videos, the Kia Carens owner shares his exciting experience. Interestingly, he canceled his previous booking of Volkswagen Taigun and grabbed the Kia Carens Prestige Plus diesel variant for Rs. 16 Lakh on-road price.

In fact, he booked his Carens without even test driving, and he does not regret his decision.

There are more reasons to feel proud about his decision. He says the Kia cars have more resale value than the VW cars. And, the Carens look more like an SUV and take in more passengers when compared with Taigun.

While I agree with the point, I believe that the Kia Carens is no competition to VW Taigun. However, Taigun may miss out on customers because of its pricing.

Carens Interior

Head-on with Ertiga and XL6

The Carens competes head-on with Maruti’s highest-selling Ertiga and XL6 cars. If you are looking for a petrol-powered 7-seater vehicle in the segment, you should be test-driving these three vehicles. And, there is Hyundai Alcazar that shares the same engine and is a bit expensive.

Interestingly, the Maruti Ertiga S-CNG variant seems more economical to run but has its own drawbacks. I will discuss this in a different post.

The Kia Carens diesel can be the best buy if you travel with your family more often. This car has decent fuel efficiency, and you can expect about 18-19 km on the highway and 14-15 km in the city limits (as confirmed by the users)

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