Ditched XUV 500 for Renault Duster RXZ

This post discusses the Renault Duster RXZ X-Tronic CVT owner experience along with some major updates. You will get to read about why the owner decided against XUV 500 and other top-selling SUVs for Renault Duster RXZ.

Before continuing to read, please know that Renault India stopped the production of the Duster SUV to introduce the 3rd Generation Duster. The 2nd Gen Duster was never sold in India.

Renault Duster

Renault Duster RXZ 1.3L Turbo X-Tronic Owner Experience

The latest of the Renault Dusters were powered by 1.5 Ltr petrol engine and 1.3 Ltr turbo petrol. These engines produce a maximum power of 156 PS and torque of 254 Nm, which is more compared with the rivals such as Creta, Seltos, and Hector.

Why Renault Duster?

When Renault launched Duster in India about 10 years ago, it was a hot favorite for car enthusiasts. As the years passed and the competitors introduced their stylish SUVs packed with loads of features and robust engines, the demand for Renault Duster started dwindling.

Finally, Renault stopped the production of first-gen Duster and decided to bring in the third-gen Duster. In between, we missed the second-gen Duster that was launched globally.

I wanted to buy XUV 500

Coming to the topic, Ashutosh’s first choice was the Mahindra XUV 500, but surprisingly he decided against it. The reason? Because of the rattling sound in XUV 500.

According to Cars24, the rattling sounds are evident in XUV 500 when driven on uneven roads. They found out that the loose screws and nuts beneath the door panels were the reason for the rattling sounds.

So what about the Kia Seltos, Creta, and Tata Harrier?

Currently, these SUVs are more popular than the Renault Duster. But they are expensive. You can own a Renault Duster top model for the price you pay for the mid-variants of Seltos, Creta, and the Harrier.

That is one part. But there are other reasons why car buyers may still prefer the Duster.

For instance, Ashutosh did consider SUVs from Kia, Hyundai, and Tata’s stable. Unfortunately, he did not get a test-drive vehicle, and the showroom reps did not respond well.

This is a serious concern for the auto-makers, isn’t it?

The rep from the Renault Duster showroom was quick enough to respond and arrange for a test-drive vehicle. Eventually, they were able to sell their outgoing Renault Duster RXZ.

How is the Renault Duster RXZ?

The Renault Duster is as rugged and powerful as before, with the best suspension setup in the segment.

The last batch of the Renault Duster was powered by two petrol engine options – The 1.5L petrol engine and the 1.3L turbo petrol engine with the choice of manual and CVT transmission.

The latest petrol variants received minor updates such as cruise control, automatic climate control, and engine start/stop options with front-wheel drive.

Renault Duster is outdated

However, the Duster is not rich in features compared with the top-selling compact SUVs in the segment. The user felt the infotainment touchscreen was small. It could have been bigger. There was no hand rest for the co-passenger, and there is no rear-AC vent which should have been for an SUV as big as this.

Not many utility spaces are available

No doubt, Renault Duster looks big from outside and inside. From the driver’s perspective, it seems too small. There are not many utility spaces available.

For example, you will have to rest your mobile phone’s wallets either on the glove box or on the box on the dashboard. You need a co-passenger for help. 

The seat adjustment is a bit tricky. You can push the seat down while seated, but you have to get down if you want to pull it up. You cannot do this on the go.

One more concern was that the Renault Duster top model does not have enough airbags. That’s a lot of demerits!

Renault Duster is still the best

Renault Duster RXZ

Even after all the shortcomings, the Renault Duster owner is happy with his possession.

The reason?

The Duster is the best on the rough roads, thanks to its suspension setup. It’s a perfect family car, and the senior citizens sitting on the rear seat will enjoy it the most. There’s more than enough space for the luggage.

Even though the Renault Duster is a 5 seater, you get an option to make it 6 with the jump seat. With 205 mm ground clearance, driving through the water logs is not an issue.

What more is required?

Why should one consider Renault Duster RXZ?

No doubt, the Renault Duster looks outdated, and its production is stopped. The third-gen Duster will roll in the Indian roads soon. However, this rugged SUV will keep changing hands in the used car market until then.

Here are some reasons why the Renault Duster RXZis the best deal.

  • The Renault Duster RXZ (top model) costs less than the top-selling SUVs’ mid-level variants
  • It is big and rugged
  • Has best ground clearance
  • Has great driving dynamics

Renault Duster completed 10 years in India, and in January 2022, it was discontinued. Renault India plans to launch the third generation Duster in a couple of months.

You can expect the third generation Renault Duster to be more stylish, feature-rich, and refined to compete with Seltos, Creta, and the Harrier.

If you are planning to buy an SUV, consider reading user experiences of Mahindra Scorpio, Kia Seltos, and the Maruti Brezza.

This discussion is based on the Renault Duster owner experience video of MotoWheelz India YT channel.

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