Kia Carens Launch Date in India & Expected Price

Kia Carens’ launch date in India may fall in the first quarter of 2022. However, the company announced that Kia Carens global debate would be on 16th December 2021.

Kia Carens Launch

Should you wait for the Kia Carens Launch in India?

If you are planning to buy a 7-seater MPV, think again!

Kia has announced Kia Carens debut in India and calls it “Recreational Vehicle.” It plans to revolutionize the Indian car market by creating a new segment.

Indian customers have appreciated Kia cars much, and they will like Kia Carens in the same way. This car will be bigger than Kia Seltos with the same engine profiles.

Kia Carens is in the international market

Kia Carens is already in the international market as the seven-seat multi-purpose vehicle powered by 1.6-liter petrol and a 2.0-liter diesel engine. It’s always been a value for money and known for the cheap day-to-day running cost.

However, the Kia Carens that we will see in India is entirely different. It will make a global debut on 16th December 2021 and go on sale in India by the end of March 2022.

Kia came to India in August 2019

Kia made its India debut in August 2019 with its Seltos mid-size SUV that became an instant hit. Later, it introduced Kia Sonet that saw decent sales. The Kia Carnival that was launched in 2020 has been reasonably successful.

Kia Design Philosophy – Opposites United

We get to hear Kia’s design philosophy “Opposites United.” Does this mean Kia Carens second and third-row seats face each other?

If it is, we created this design philosophy in our Maruti Omni Van long ago.

Jokes apart, this setup will make traveling with family more fun. But will the Kia Carens be pocket-friendly to buy?

That really depends on who is buying it!

The Carens will be bigger than Kia Seltos in length and share the same petrol and diesel engine variants.

Maruti Ertiga Vs Kia Carens

With the available sketches and the Kia Carens already selling abroad, the close competitors in India will be Maruti Ertiga and XL6.

Maruti Ertiga has been in the Indian market for a while. It is one of the top-selling vehicles in the segment. From the information available, it is evident that the Kia Carens will be priced higher than Ertiga.

Ertiga is still a good option for those who are cost-conscious. Suppose customers are interested in premium cars with freshness, loads of features, and space. In that case, Kia Carens is the car.

The Korean carmaker has not revealed much information about the Kia Carens, so the best thing we can do is wait.

Let us know your opinion. Which one you will choose between Ertiga and Kia Carens?

Kia Carens Launch Date – 16th Dec 2021

The Kia Carens is a stunning-looking family car that will hit the Indian market soon. Powered by the same engines that power Kia Seltos, the Carens will compete with the most sold Maruti Ertiga.

Kia Carens Launch Date is scheduled for 16th December 2021. We assume Kia Carens price in India will start from 12 Lakh ex-showroom.

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