Mahindra Scorpio S9 – Masculine and Rugged

This discussion is based on the Mahindra Scorpio S9 owner’s opinion video published by Amar Drayan YT channel. The owner, Viku, discusses his experience with the muscular SUV.

The Scorpio S9 is 11 months old and has done 9500 km.

Scorpio S9

Scorpio S9 2020 Owner Speaks

What’s more fascinating about this story is the “Love for Scorpio,” the owner had for many years. Finally, he owns this lovely beast.

The video does not reveal the year of purchase. However, considering the video publishing date,  the Scorpio S9 seems to be of December 2020 model.

At that time, the Scorpio S9 on-road price was Rs. 17,58,000/- without accessories and one year zero cost insurance which is a significant saving.

Scorpio was the long-time crush

Viku’s budget for an SUV was up to Rs. 20 lac, and he tested other SUVs such as Tata Harrier, Kia Seltos, and the Mahindra Thar. However, he was determined to buy his “long-time crush,” the Mahindra Scorpio.

Interestingly, the vehicles he test-drove had so many features the Mahindra Scorpio lacked. But that did not change his mind.

He reasons out that “the Scorpio has a look, comfort, and high standards that other SUVs cannot compete with.”

Scorpio has a significant road presence

No doubt, the Scorpio has a more significant road presence compared with other SUVs at this price point.

This beast has a solid fan following who dream of owning a Scorpio not for its features but for its masculine looks and raw power.

Viku transitioned from Maruti Baleno to the Mahindra Scorpio. He says, “I feel an immense difference from a low seating Baleno to high seating Scorpio.”

After driving for 9500 km, the Scorpio owner’s experience has been good with the vehicle and the Mahindra service.

Scorpio is better than Baleno

He says Maruti Baleno was comfortable, but the Scorpio is better. Now the road looks small to me.

And, it’s not about sitting high. There are other benefits too.

When you drive a small car, there’s more light reflection coming onto your eyes. But when you sit high, the light falls on the chest level. This helps in the greater visibility on the road.

Another incredible benefit of sitting high is avoiding blind spots while taking a turn.

The Mahindra Scorpio has a rear-wheel-drive setup, and it’s fun to drive this SUV on uneven roads and hill regions. The Scorpio climbs the hill effortlessly.

Apparently, the Kia Seltos, Hyundai Creta, and XUV 700 are all front-wheel drives.

Scorpio S9 Service Cost

The last service cost was Rs. 7200, including urea refilling.

As per the BS-VI emission norms, all diesel vehicles must use a diesel exhaust fluid, a synthetically manufactured urea. The Urea lasts 3000 to 14000 km, depending on the driving style.

Scorpio is more refined now

Over the years, the Scorpio has witnessed lots of refinements. It stays confident at high speeds. The insulation is good, and there’s no engine noise sneaking into the cabin.

Scorpio S9 Vs. S11

Viku settled for Scorpio S9 over the S11 because there is not much difference in features between these two variants. The S11 is costlier by more than a lakh, and it is not worth the money.

Room for improvement

Although the Scorpio owner is a happy customer, he feels some improvements could be made. He says the interiors are outdated, and the Scorpio having fewer features is undoubtedly a drawback.

The side mirrors don’t close, and you don’t get a sunroof, and so on. For the price the Scorpio has been sold at, Mahindra could have made these features available.

We hope the upcoming Scorpio 2022 will have the latest features that the competition has.

Owners Opinion

The Scorpio 2022 will be launched soon. Will you recommend the current model or the upcoming model?

Mahindra Scorpio S9

Viku says I will recommend this model because I have had a great experience driving this SUV. If Mahindra updates the Scorpio with the latest features, nothing like it.

Here’s the YT Video link for you.

Scorpio fans will miss the outgoing model. No doubt, the Scorpio 2022 will be feature-rich, powerful, and more prominent. Will it generate a craze among the SUV lovers like the outgoing model did? Let’s wait and watch.

Meanwhile, there are more SUV options with a lesser engine capacity. Why not explore the Maruti Brezza and the Kia Seltos?

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