Maruti Suzuki S-Presso Missing Features

The Maruti Suzuki S-Presso is a value money car for first-time buyers. This SUV-inspired entry-level car has everything that makes it a perfect family vehicle. The S-Presso has power and space, and it never lets you down, whether you zip through the traffic, highway, or a hilly region.

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Maruti Suzuki S-Presso features that are missing

The Maruti S-Presso is powered by the 3 cylinders, a 1-liter petrol engine that is smooth and peppy. This car has a responsive steering wheel, gears that is super easy to operate, and a smooth clutch that makes the car city-friendly.

While this entry-level car from Maruti is the most affordable, it misses some features that may or may not concern you. So let’s look at the missing S-Presso features.

No steering wheel adjustment

The tall-boy car does not have a steering wheel adjustment option. If your driving comfort requires the steering to be adjusted to a specific position, you are in trouble.

No seat height adjustment option

This entry-level car from Maruti does not have a seat height adjustment option. If you are tall, you might want to lower the seat and vice versa. Since this feature is not available in S-Presso, buy this car only if the seating position is comfortable for you.

Optional bodyside cladding

The body cladding on the S-Presso gives the car a more SUV-like look. But this doesn’t come fitted with the vehicle as it is an optional part. So, you may consider buying body cladding which can be an additional cost for you.

No reverse parking camera

There are reverse sensors available on all variants of S-Presso that will beep if there are obstructions, but there is no reverse parking camera. You can go for an aftermarket reverse camera module.

The good news is that you can integrate the reverse camera into the infotainment system. For a car as tall as S-Presso, the reverse camera is necessary for safety.

No (RPM) tachometer

You do not get to see the tachometer in Maruti S-Presso. You will have to settle for an aftermarket unit that displays RPM if you need one.

No Security System

You may not find a security system in some or all the variants of S-Presso. Check with Maruti for the original security system module that may cost you more than Rs. 3000. You can also consider third-party modules but buying from Maruti will not void the warranty.

Tire Pressure Monitor

A good tire pressure monitor on the dashboard can help you monitor and maintain tire pressure. Since S-Presso is an entry-level hatchback, it doesn’t come with a tire pressure monitor.

No Power Windows at the rear

There is no power windows option on the rear cabin of S-Presso. If you need one, you will have to consider aftermarket fitment. However, ensure to seek experts advice as this may void the car’s warranty.

No Storage Space in the rear seat

There are no cup holders on the rear cabin door panels. Where would the rear passengers keep the water bottle? All you can do is buy a cup holder and fit it in your vehicle.

No Day & Night or Auto-Dimming Mirror

Some buyers complained about Maruti S-Presso not having an internal day and night mirror. If your Maruti S-Presso doesn’t have one, do ensure to fix one from the after market. Day and Night or Auto-Dimming IRVM comes in handy during night driving.

No rear wipers

S-Presso Missing Feature

The rear wipers are essential for cars, especially hatchbacks and even SUVs because they collect dust. Maruti should consider installing rear wipers right from their base variants.

That was the list of missing S-Presso features. Do you want to add up to the list? Please comment below or use the contact page to connect.

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