Nissan Magnite CVT Mileage

The company claims that the Nissan Magnite CVT mileage is 17.7 km per liter of petrol. But can the Magnite give this kind of fuel efficiency in real-world driving? Read this article till the end to know the Nissan Magnite CVT mileage on the highway, city traffic, and combined average.

Nissan Magnite Silver

Nissan Magnite Engine Options

The Nissan Magnite is available in three 1-liter petrol engine options.

  • 1.0 L Petrol Engine (Naturally aspirated or non-turbo)
  • 1.0 L Petro Turbo Engine
  • 1.0 L Petrol Turbo Engine with CVT gearbox.

I have already published an article about Nissan Magnite non-turbo fuel efficiency if you are interested.

This blog post is about Nissan Magnite CVT mileage in the real-world tests done by You will find the link to the video and other related articles as you read on.

Nissan Magnite CVT Mileage Test

The user refuels the Nissan Magnite up to the neck and takes it for a city ride. He drives around the city like any average person does, without over-accelerating or sudden braking. They also do not attempt to squeeze maximum fuel efficiency.

City Mileage

The Nissan Magnite CVT mileage in the city drive resulted in 12.22 km per liter of petrol. This number seems to be good in congested city traffic.

The user also does a mileage check on the highway.

Highway Mileage

He refuels the Magnite in the same manner as before and takes it to the highway. The user drives the Nissan Magnite at speed between 80-120 kph, which is an ideal speed most of us try to attain while driving on the highways.

The Magnite CVT mileage on the highway resulted in 17.4 km per liter. This gives us an average mileage of 14.81 km per liter of petrol. This is about 2.81 km lesser than what Nissan claimed.

On the other hand, the Nissan Magnite 1-liter naturally aspirated petrol engine seems to have better fuel efficiency than the turbo CVT. Refer to this article for the real-time test, and you will also find the link to the YouTube video.

Kindly note that the vehicle’s fuel efficiency depends on several factors such as terrain, vehicle condition, fuel, and how you drive.

There is more about Nissan Magnite in this blog. If you plan to buy this compact SUV, consider reading the review. Watch the mileage test here.

Do you own a Nissan Magnite? Use the comment box below to share your experience.

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