Nissan Magnite Mileage Non-Turbo is an impressive 20.93 kmpl

The Nissan Magnite mileage (non-turbo version) is impressive 20.93 km per liter of petrol, as tested by one of the users in real-time. Surprisingly, this number is more than what Nissan claims for Magnite.

Continue to read the article to know how this mileage was achieved.

Nissan Magnite Mileage Test

Nissan Magnite (Non-Turbo) Engine Mileage Test

The Nissan Magnite is available in three petrol engine options:

  1. The B4D 1.0L naturally aspirated petrol engine
  2. HRAO 1.0L Turbo Petrol
  3. 1.0L Turbo CVT petrol.

Refer to the below chart for other engine specifications.

Nissan Magnite Engine Specifications

Nissan Magnite Petrol Spec

For this article, I have taken the reference from a Nissan Magnite mileage real-time test video published on the Amar Drayan YouTube channel. You will find the link to the video and Nissan Magnite-related articles at the end of this post.

The user drives the Nissan Magnite silver color (Blade Silver), a non-turbo version for the mileage test. He confirms doing a full-tank method mileage test on the Nissan Magnite.

Brand New Vehicle Tested

This vehicle seems brand new as it has done only 340 km on the odometer. In the video, you can notice that the Magnite gulps 37.13 liters of petrol. The staff at the petrol bunk fills the tank up to the neck, even after the auto-cut.

Car mileage = Kms run / quantity of fuel used

The user drives the Nissan Magnite in the city and on the highway before refueling again. The vehicle does the rounds on the roads of Delhi NCR. Sometimes in a crowded place and sometimes on the highway. He also turns on the air conditioner intermittently.

So we get only the combined average here.

MID information may vary

At some point in time, the MID shows a real-time mileage of 19.8 kmpl. As he drives on various terrains, the average reduces to 13.2 kmpl. 

Note: Real-time mileage indicator may not be correct.

The user drives the Nissan Magnite for 51.3 km and goes to the same fuel station to refuel in the same manner as he did before (up to the neck). The fuel tank makes way for 2.45 liters of petrol.

So here’s the calculation

51.3 / 2.45 = 20.93 km per liter of petrol

The resultant average is more than what Nissan claimed for the Magnite non-turbo version of 18.75 kmpl. That’s quite impressive.

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Here’s the link to the video in the discussion.

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