Nissan Magnite Review

For Nissan, it was tough to crack the Indian market, but the Magnite has changed it all. Look at this beautiful compact SUV. It will tempt you away from Maruti Brezza, Kia Sonet, Tata Nexon, and XUV 300.

Read this Nissan Magnite review until the end if you plan to buy an entry-level compact SUV.

Nissan Magnite Red & Blue

Nissan Magnite looks sportier

Nissan Magnite’s bold design with sharp cuts and angles will surely attract your attention. This car looks sleeker and sportier than any other compact SUV in the segment. The large grille flanked with slim LED lights, DRLs, and fog lamps give the Magnite a striking look.

Walk towards its rear, and the Nissan Magnite will impress you with its stunning design flow. The integrated spoilers, sharp tail lamps, and sculpted bumper section give Magnite a striking look.

Nissan Magnite Red Rear

The rear windscreen wiper is standard across the range.

The 16-inch alloy wheels look sporty. The 205 mm ground clearance adds to the Nissan Magnites’ SUV quotient.

The Nissan Magnite is for sure will turn heads wherever it goes.

Best in class interiors

The Nissan Magnite’s cabin feels rich, thanks to the fabric upholsteries. The layered dashboard looks modern, and the hexagonal AC vents remind us of Lamborghini. The top-end models get leather-wrapped steering that looks chunky.

The cockpit display has colorful graphics, but some may not like the cartoon-like aesthetic. But it does the job.

Nissan Magnite Console
Nissan Magnite Console

If you look closely at the fit and finish, you will notice the panel fit is not good. Nissan has to improve on the overall quality of Magnite.

Super Comfortable

What comes as a pleasant surprise in the Magnite is its back seat. It will please the rear passengers with generous space.

Even though the Magnite is the narrowest, the Nissan engineers have done a tremendous job scooping out space inside.

The passengers feel very comfortable in the rear cabin. There is plenty of knee room and headroom. The under-thigh support is excellent, and there is more room to push your feet forward.

Three adults can sit without feeling terribly crunched.

Nissan Magnite offers an adjustable headrest for four occupants. The middle passenger in the back seat does not get one. Instead, there is an armrest with 2 cup holders and a phone dock.

The aircon for the rear passengers is available on the higher variants of Nissan Magnite. There is also a 12V socket to charge your devices, but you get no USB ports.

Plenty of storage spaces

Nissan Magnite has plenty of storage spaces. The front and the rear door pockets are big enough, and the glove box is enormous. There are enough slots and cup holders to keep your phones and water bottles.

When a compact SUV has a lot of space in the rear cabin, it is likely to compromise space in the boot area. This is not the case with this compact SUV. At 336 liter, the boot space is just enough for a decent amount of luggage.

If you need more storage space, opt for the higher variants of the Magnite, which comes with 60:40 split seats.

Segment first features

The Nissan Magnite has segment-first features like Connected Car Tech, Wireless Apple Car Play, Android Auto, an 8-Inch touch screen system, and a 360-degree camera.

The Connected Car Technology is available only in the XV premium variant.

You can also opt for an optional tech pack that adds Wireless Charging Pad, Air Purifier, Ambient Lighting, Puddle Lights, and a JBL Sound System.

Nissan Magnite Safety Features

Nissan Magnite Safety

Nissan Magnite Engine

You can choose Nissan Magnite with two petrol engine types – a 1.0-liter naturally aspirated petrol engine and a 1.0-liter turbo petrol engine. The 1-liter NA petrol is available with a 5-speed manual transmission, and the 1-liter turbo is available in both 5-speed manual and CVT transmission.

Nissan Magnite Petrol Spec
Nissan Magnite Engine Specs

While the above numbers may not look impressive, the car’s overall performance is pretty decent.

The turbo petrol feels refined, and it is smoother to drive. It has enough punch to travel long distances comfortably and quickly.

Nissan claims 0-100 km in 11.7 seconds, which is really quick. Its fuel efficiency is up to 20 km which is not bad for the segment.

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Slight vibrations

Start the vehicle, and you will notice slight vibration when idle. Move the car, and the engine smoothens considerably. However, there is a bit of noise that sneaks into the compartment.

Nissan Magnite CVT

Nissan Magnite Interior

The Nissan Magnite automatic has the latest Xtronic CVT, which provides smooth and step-less ratio changes. Leave it in a normal mode, and it does a great job of doing city duties.

The Magnite automatic can feel lazy when you try to step on it. This is when the sports mode comes in. Turn on the sports mode, and the Magnite will zoom from 0 to 100 in no time.

In sports mode, the shifts are crisper, and there is minimal to nil rubber band effect. You don’t get to select gears manually, and you will not miss it because the sports mode does an excellent job of keeping the power going. 

The Magnite has high-speed stability and is best for traveling long distances.

Additionally, there’s a dead pedal for your left foot to rest. You will not find one in the manual car.

Nissan Magnite Manual

The Nissan Magnite turbo with a 5-speed manual is a fun-to-drive car. The gear shifts are excellent and progressive and feel satisfying to engage. There is enough power on tap except at extremely low rev. Keep it in a mid-range, and you have got plenty of go for a compact SUV like this.

Best for Indian roads

The Magnite impresses us all with its Indian road ability. Its suspension soaks up potholes, broken roads, and undulations. However, you can feel the impact when you take on those bumps.

However, like any other stiff suspension setup, the Magnite gets better as you go quicker. It has good high-speed stability and body control on straight lines and corners.

Nissan Magnite can be a perfect buy

The Magnite is stylish and looks modern from the outside, and it equally surprises you on the inside. It has loads of space and has a great comfort level.

In terms of features, the Magnite has lot many. But you may find some shortcomings in the build quality, which is not as robust as its rivals. But this isn’t a deal-breaker.

If you are in the market for a compact SUV and on a tight budget, the Nissan Magnite can be a perfect buy. The Magnite proves its Indian roadworthy when it comes to rough roads. This compact SUV ex-showroom price starts from Rs. 5.88 Lakh.

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