Nissan Magnite User Review – The 3 Flaws

Nissan Magnite is one of the top-selling compact SUVs from the Nissan India stable. As of March 2022, Nissan had sold more than 50,000 units. If you considered buying a Nissan Magnite, read this user review till the end, as it highlights some pros and cons.

Nissan Magnite White
Nissan Magnite White

Nissan Magnite affordable

Nissan has not had many collections of cars to offer to the Indian customers. Log on to their India website, and you will find only three vehicles on offer – The Nissan Kicks, Nissan Magnite, and the Nissan GT-R sports car.

In that, the Nissan Magnite is the most affordable compact SUV. Its price starts from Rs. 5.76 lakh for the non-turbo (petrol) variant and Rs. 7.67 lakh (ex-showroom) for the turbo petrol variant.

Nissan Magnite Petrol Variants

While there are several trims, you can choose from the three petrol engine options below. 

Engine Options1.0 L Petrol – (NA)1.0 L Petrol Turbo1.0 L Petrol Turbo CVT
Displacement999 CC999 CC999 CC
Max power72 PS @ 6250100 @ 5000100 # 5000
Max Torque96 @ 3500160 @ 2800-3600152 @ 2200 – 4400

Nissan Magnite User Review

This discussion is based on the Nissan Magnite user review published on DDS YouTube Channel. You will find the video and the link to the channel at the end of this post.

The customer was driving the Maruti Swift car, and he wanted to upgrade to a compact SUV. After checking on Tata Nexon and Mahindra XUV 300, the customer decided to buy the Nissan Magnite, thus saving about Rs. 2 Lakh. According to him, the Nissan Magnite has almost the same safety features as on Tata Nexon.

Nissan Magnite Interior
Nissan Magnite Interior

After taking delivery, the customer seems happy with the after-sales service. He made no complaints about it in the video. He was also satisfied with the service costs as they did not burn the pocket.

There is no such thing as a perfect car. This customer, too, pointed out some flaws in his Nissan Magnite. But before getting into the problems, let’s discuss some pros.

Nissan Magnite Turbo Petrol

NIssan Magnite Seats
Nissan Magnite Back Seats

Note that the customer experience is based on Nissan Magnite Turbo Petrol. We are not discussing the non-turbo variant here.

My first impression about the Nissan Magnite is:

  • Affordable compact SUV
  • Powerful 1-liter turbo petrol engine
  • Spacious interiors
  • Looks aggressive (styling is good)


The Nissan Magnite base price starts from Rs. 5.76 (ex-showroom price) is for the 1 liter naturally aspirated petrol engine. But the turbo variant costs at least 2 Lakh more, and it is still cheaper, I would say. With a similar engine setup, the Volkswagen Taigun will cost you more.

Powerful Engine

While the 1.0 L naturally aspirated engine is powerful enough for day-to-day travel, the thrill is in the 1.0 turbo petrol.

The Nissan Magnite turbo petrol is what you should be buying if you are power-hungry. This compact SUV gives a top-notch performance in the city limits and on the highway.

It doesn’t matter where you drive. With AC on or off, you will find no dearth of power. Overtaking is a breeze, and it stays stable in the corners.

That said, you will encounter a slight turbo lag. The NVH levels are not up to the mark, as one could hear a humming noise inside the cabin.

Nissan Magnite fuel efficiency

The real-time Nissan Magnite turbo petrol fuel efficiency is 12.5 km in the city and 16.5 km on the highway.

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All is good with Nissan Magnite regarding affordability, performance, and fuel efficiency. But as they say, there are no perfect cars!

While taking the test drive of Nissan Magnite, observe closely for the below cons. The observation discussed below was pointed out by Mr. Abishek, a Nissan Magnite owner.

Door Panel Gaps

The Nissan Magnite has a slight gap on the door panels that let the air out. The cool air escapes when the air conditioner is switched on, and the doors are closed. This may not be a big issue but may overload the compressor resulting in reduced fuel efficiency.

NIssan Magnite Test Drive

The customer has notified this issue to the Nissan dealer, but there seems to be no solution given to his car. However, this problem may be rectified in the new vehicles. No matter what, I would still check for the panel gaps if I had to take delivery of a brand new Nissan Magnite.

AC cooling abruptly stops

The AC cooling abruptly stops while the blower speed remains the same. When this happens, you have to turn off and on the AC. This issue seems to be there in a couple of Nissan Magnite cars.

No seat height adjustment option

The entry-level cars usually will not have seat height adjustment options. In Nissan Magnite, the driver seat is too low. And the pedals are positioned in such a way the tall drivers will face slight difficulty in operating them.

If a seat adjustment facility had been available, the host says this problem would have been sorted.

This might not be an issue with everybody. If you are a tall person, I suggest you test-drive the Nissan Magnite and check this problem. 

The dealers had no solution for the door panel gap issue or the problems with the air conditioner. I guess these issues may have been rectified in the new vehicles.

For problem no. 3, the only solution is to give a seat height adjustment facility in all the variants.

If your car seat is low and does not have height adjustment options, the simple solution would be to use a foam cushion.

Nissan Magnite is the best buy

The Nissan Magnite is the best buy. But you do have better options if you could extend your budget. Consider reading a few posts about other compact SUVs before finalizing your next car.

Do you own Nissan Magnite? Let me know your experience. Please comment below and connect. You may also use the contact page or write to [email protected]

Thanks to Mr. Abhishek and DDS YouTube channel for publishing the Nissan Magnite XL user experience.

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