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Buying a used XUV 500

The used XUV 500's are available for a competitive price. You could grab one for half the price of a brand new SUV. Buying a used vehicle can be the best option if you are on a tight budget.

A well maintained XUV 500 is available for as low as Rs. 7 Lakh or less. This SUV has a good engine life if maintained. Many proud owners have driven their XUV 500 for more than 3 Lakh kilometers.

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A well-maintained vehicle can run lakhs of kilometers. This is true with any car. Servicing the car regularly in an good service center & handling it smoothly will extend its life.

A typical distance covered by Mahindra XUV 500 is between 50K to 1 Lakh km in five years. Buying an XUV 500 within this range can be a better deal. You can drive it for another 1 lakh km and sell it.

There is a huge fan following for XUV 500. They are crazy about its masculine looks. It’s a stylish SUV with powerful engine. The 2.2 liter diesel engine gives all the power to go anywhere.

With XUV 500, it’s a breeze to overtake & fun to drive in the city. Whether you drive single or loaded, it’s a pleasure to be in. The XUV 500 from Mahindra is a perfect urban cruiser.

The XUV 500 driver’s seat is cozy, gives beautiful and wide view of the road. The co-passenger can relax with the stretched legs. The middle row of XUV 500 spacious for three adults with dedicated AC.

The third row may not be comfortable for adults but 2 children can fit in. Getting into the 3rd row is easy. Just fold the middle row seat. The XUV 500 doesn’t looses power even when fully loaded.

A well maintained used XUV 500 can be a perfect family tourer in a budget. It’s reported mileage is 12-13 kmpl in the city & 15-16 kmpl on the highway. It depends upon how you drive and maintain it.